New winter perfume crush: Kate Moss-Velvet Hour

So..I was testing perfumes today at the 'perfume store' or how you call it...and a lot of interesting perfumes there, of course searching for another winter perfume (I am crazy with perfumes) xD but yeah..who cares if you have 1234988 perfumes? a girl never has enough perfumes, no? and if some of my friends see this post... know? I still dream for Miss Dior Cherie...but yea...back to the story.... lol xD and suddenly..I felt this..woow very winter scent,very vintage and warm...i asked the lady, what's the perfume and she told me: Kate Moss Velvet hour..OMG i still smell's perfect spicy gives you that warm cozy feeling, and clean, mysterious, seductive and it's not overpowering but...i can still smell it on the wrist and has been more than 5 hours . So if you want a perfect scent for winter and to be sexy+cozy in the same time...Velvet Hour it's perfect.
THE NOTES: features notes of blue pepper, freesia, cashmere incense, patchouli, nutmeg, sandalwood, amber, ebony and wood. 


Anonymous said...

Haha yes my mom really likes bears..
And your parfum sounds good! Maybe I should give it a try!

Iulia said...

It sounds really good :)

Hilaloeya said...

I have to smell itt! She is great!

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Marisol said...

I love your blog :)

Publish my Style said...

great blog!
love kate moss, such a legend!
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Lalli Carvalho said...

you are very stylish, I love your blog.
I love Kate Moss Diva *-*
I want to try this perfume, it looks good.

LisaFashionCloset said...

Kate Moss is my icon, i like her a lot!

burcu d. said...

Kate is the best...LOVE this perfum!