Check these out-adorable heart sunglasses!
I really really adore pink and red sunglasses special heart sunglasses, they are an essential part if you wanna be a girlie girl, I was so so happy and like : "omg sooo cuteee" when I saw these heart shaped cuties,because I think that they are super sweet,sparkly,gorgeous,and I want them so much!Def.they gonna be on my favourite accessory list. Crazy,huh?

Today's Outfit !

Today was so so sunny but so cold...hmm strange,but I did some photos with my outfit, hope you like it!Ok,and if you wanna know from where you can get my outfit,I guess you can find black tights and leather jacket anywhere:

ankle boots: Aldo
long Panda shirt: Pull and Bear
Grey Fringe Bag: JJ winters
Sunglasses: Meli Melo

Hot, hot ... nails!!!

Hello,today I'm going to show you something hot, ha well hot nails of course,I hope you like them because I adore nail art and clean manicure,my fav. is the simple french manicure but why not try some crazy colors? oh well...I have many obsesions and one of them are 'nails' always when i'm speaking with someone I watch their hands and nails,haha ok little weird but yes,hands tell a lot about someone's personality...I prefer clean hands,clean and cute manicure. I always change my nail color,and I adore to try new design on them,it's pretty cute and i'm lucky because I have long and very very strong nails so I can try anything i want on them.Enough with the talking,here are some nail designs: