New mascara:L'oreal clean definition telescopic mascara.

                So..I just bought a new mascara L'oreal clean definition telescopic mascara, usually I'm a fan of Maybelline mascaras and my all time fav. Hypnose by Lancome ,but I said...hey,this mascara deserves a chance, because  I have only heard good things about L'Oreal mascaras,special this one and the Voluminous,which certainly will be next on the list!
About the Clean Definition,usually i'm the one for the BIG/VOLUME/'CLUMPY KINDA' FAKE LOOKING LASHES/LONG LASHES/ ..if you want that look,go for Maybelline Falsies or Lancome but if you want EXTREME LONG but NATURAL look lashes no clumps ,not that 'duuunn duuun dramatic lashes' now this mascara is perfect for you, it's a 'clean' look like it says ,and has a flexible brush which gives you cleanly defined, perfectly separated lashes , all I can say is that I love this mascara, is my perfect daytime mascara and will def. buy this again, the only thing is that some girls say that the price is a bit big? well I think it's worth , also sorry for no pictures with mascara cause my camera it's dead haha,i will buy a new one soon and alsooo i will do a mascara video cause i am planning to do youtube makeup videos in the next months, yay!!!i'm happy for that!!! haha i hope you like the review dolls!


Lauren said...

I like the kinda fake looking lashes too.. but for school I like to keep a clean look for my lashes :-? I think I'll give Maybelline Falsies a chance though :D

Anonymous said...

I've never heard about this mascara but I'll search it. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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