Boho chic style part -1

True master of boho style are Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen, but I personaly like Nicole Richie's style 2. How to dress boho? Boho chic style combines:dresses and long skirts,tunics and blouses,embroideries, applications,vintage accessories,macrame,floral prints,exotic,tie-dye,patchwork,natural materials,wearing clothes very large,oversized,berets,red nail polish,oversized sunglasses,scarves,leggings,wide leather belts,bracelets,and gladiator sandals,boots and fringed heels are the perfect shoes for a boho look.And for hair,messy hair,waves,curls.etc; Just use your imagination!I just love this style! Do you like boho style? THIS IS PART 1

Even if I'm not going to the theater to watch it,because I don't have a theater in the town anymore:( I gonna buy the dvd, because the movie will be,released on DVD soon after the theatrical realase.
Do you gonna watch Michael Jackson 'This Is It'?

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans and Ripped stockings were popular in the 90s,but for me they will always be in trend,you need to have at least one pair. How to wear them?with conviction,ripped jeans and ripped stockings are in trend and very cool.
Love them ♥

Hawt sparkles

When I saw this I was like: 'wow' that's super beautiful,love it.This autumn and winter catwalk was full of bright clothes decorated with sparkles. Blazers,shoes,socks,skirts and dresses.Now you can wear sparkles when you want. Do you like this style?