Boho chic style part -2
And I know that I had a 'Boho chic style part 1'.. but I will also have a part 2 now and in the future many parts of 'Boho chic style' because it's part of my personal style so I like to post about my style.

True master of boho style are Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen, but I personaly like Nicole Richie's style 2. How to dress boho? Boho chic style combines:dresses and long skirts,tunics and blouses,embroideries, applications,vintage accessories,macrame,floral prints,exotic,tie-dye,patchwork,natural materials,wearing clothes very large,oversized,berets,red nail polish,oversized sunglasses,scarves,leggings,wide leather belts,bracelets,and gladiator sandals,boots and fringed heels are the perfect shoes for a boho look.And for hair,messy hair,waves,curls.etc;

Ok so let me start...Today we learn more about the Bohemian style! aka Boho chic.

Bohemianism first emerged in the early 19th century when artists began to move into gypsy neighborhoods in Europe. The term ‘bohemian’ refers to untraditional, antiestablishment lifestyles. For clothing, dressing bohemian means expressing your creativity and individuality. The look can be quite messy with its many layers and accessories. Some fashionistas have claimed that to pull off this look, you have to perfect that messiness by maintaining an overall balance. In other words, don’t overdo it.

Boho styles

Peasant Girl

Peasant girl boho is the ultra feminine version of this style. Long, flowing skirts, angelic headbands, lace and embroidery characterize this style. Go for lighter colors and floral patterns.

Rugged Bohemian

The rugged boho style often includes distressed denim cutoffs, cowboy boots and a tunic of some sort.

Bohemian Luxe

The super chic version of the bohemian trend is the luxe look. Basically a glammed up version of the basic boho style, bohemian luxe includes maxi dresses, a mix of more modern heels and accessories and darker colors.

Still snowing

OMG! And I thought that spring comes...what? And I thought that spring comes... wait ,haha whaat? noo,it's still snowing!!! and it's cold and I am so sick...I hate it Now I have to go in bed ... I hope spring comes in april!!!

and..hope you have a great day!