These 2 pictures I did yesterday,nothing special..but you can see how much it snowed in the 1 picture, here is so so so cold, yesterday was a winter storm

PhotobucketIt snows in your country?Photobucket


OuJo said...
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OuJo said...

Hi.. love ur blog!!!


lara said...

It's 37 degrees C in Australia, IT IS HOT. Bad hot. I want a white Christmas :) xxxxx

PS - You're so lucky that you can have brown and blonde hair. If I ever tried to dye my hair blonde I would look like.... well I don't know what I would look like but it wouldn't be little J haha xx

fadetoblack said...

yes we had a snow storm in new york!
and me and friend were moving furniture in the storm!haha++

The F Word Online said...

hey alexa, thanks for stopping by. ugh i hate the biting cold weather, don't you? i was looking at your previous post and you look remarkably similar to jenny humphrey ! for a minute i thought it was taylor herself

xx lue

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Hello Neighbor!

Snow here too and very cold...hope gonna stay until Christmas(the snow)!

Marry Christmas!

The F Word Online said...

i totally agree. would kill for hot weather right now.

xx lue

Alexa said...

Merry Christmas!

elina said...

Merry Christmas ! It snowed yesterday, today sun shines and it's cold..

Anonymous said...

I ssuppose UGG boots are the wonder of the noughties!
Tomorrow x