Fur, hor or not?

And I was soo undecided what to buy?a fur vest or a winter jacket, hmmm..."Think,Think" and finally I concluded that I want the grey fur vest, because the fur vest keeps me warm and it's more glamorous in the same time, and it's a "Must have" this winter!

Oh...and I found something for you girls, how to wear fur vests!

Uptown Girl

Keep the rest of your look streamlined and simple, with straight or skinny pants and a long-sleeved tee. Knee high boots keep the look sexy and fashion forward, while heels are always a go-to way to look your polished best. Bold jewelry can overpower this outfit, so make sure you stick to simple earrings and light bangles if you wear any jewelry at all.

Downtown Diva

Undone motorcycle boots and leggings with a patterned top can give you a hip take on the downtown look. If you chose to go in this direction, layer some long necklaces over a basic top or tee, and try a bedhead do to work the CBGB's aesthetic. Smudge your eye makeup and strut your stuff, but make sure you only look grungy.

Hippie Chic

This look is the ultimate way to usher in springtime before the temperature hits 65 degrees. Sheer chiffony dresses in modern floral patterns and watercolor prints are the perfect pairing with a faux fur vest. Think Kate Hudson in Almost Famous and there's no doubt that inspiration will strike you. This outfit would be perfect with anything from sandals to boots, and you can even layer it over skinny jeans until the weather really heats up.

Make the faux fur vest your own, whatever look you go for. Play around with your own personal style, but remember, not all of us are Rachel Zoe, so leave the bellbottoms and massive sunglasses at home.

What do you think about fur vests?


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

love fake fur & the 'downtown' look!

♥ Hannah



English Rose ♥ said...

love the fur vest!

Thanks for the lovely comment

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x

Gia Illusion said...

I love!

Ruth loves said...

Wow, you did used to look like Jennie! Gorgeous either way though :) I love fur jackets - but I think that there hard to wear properly without looking silly, and there quite expensive too :'(
I want either a misty gray/white or a lepoard print fur jacket - but i can always dream.. Right? xxxxx

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

u take really goodpics!

Alexa-SmithJr said...

I don't knw many Alexa.. So u're the second >.<.
For my background, it's a friend who made it for me 'cuz i don't understand the HTML codes very well like u -.-`' ..

Thx yaa <33

Miss.Megan said...

I love how you decided on a fur vest!! I purchased one last year and it was the best decision :) Definitely more glamorous!!

Martha said...

Love it and the downtown diva look sound like my sorta thing :) but then so does the uptown girl