Sweet Mirrors

I found some really sweet accessories for people who want to show their love for sweets.Fans of chocolate and cookies can now complete their collection with this super adorable mirrors. Hmmm, looks good..wanna take a bite?haha, what do you think about the "sweet mirrors"?


Pierrot le Fou said...

ooo they're so cool! love the oreo one hehe

alexababyface said...

yes,the oreo one is cute, even if I prefer the Meiji.

The Haute-Shopper said...

So adorable! I love the oreo one! Just need to make sure I don't eat it by mistake ;-)

michelle_ said...

i know these mirrors !
they also have chocolate iPhone cases did you know that ? just exactly the same as those pink chocolates !

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un petit lapin said...

These are sooo adorable!