Still snowing

OMG! And I thought that spring comes...what? And I thought that spring comes... wait ,haha whaat? noo,it's still snowing!!! and it's cold and I am so sick...I hate it Now I have to go in bed ... I hope spring comes in april!!!

and..hope you have a great day!


Véronique Eve" said...

is the same here :( just this damn snow..

Ida said...

Thanks for the great comment! :D
Oh, and I'm sick of winter aswell :/

Véronique Eve" said...

germany hunny! damn cold!

Véronique Eve" said...

hihi i like them too... hope it too that spring comes tired about the snow.. its too much withe!

Véronique Eve" said...

Well maybe i like them because im from italy but i live in germany xD
But i know, when i say i like them, is the same as with you.. thanks.. the idea of a blog like this became exatly from tumblr.. xD

Isquisofrenia said...

oh girl, sorry yeah i hate the cold
but i live in california so its ok for me
dont worry spring will come soon!!

have a nice weekend!

The Owl Diary said...

get well soon, dear! xx

Rianna Bethany said...

I want spring to be round the corner
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx

Kata Wagner Berg said...

It's colt and windy and rainy here in Hungary :(
I am really tired of this weather .

Hope you already feel better!

Stace said...

haha, you wish for spring, I wish for winter!
I had a hot summer in Melbourne ;)

gorgeous blog!

stace from tee&fame x

Victoire said...

Its cold here too! And im sick too! Do you happen to live in vienna? :)
Get well soon

English Rose ♥ said...

I am so fed up of winter!! Its finally getting sunny here now though - I totally sympathise with you!

That should be so fun - how long are you going for? If you want you can email me before and i'll tell you more cool places to visit/things to do =]

Unfortunately there currently isn't a F21 in London but I heard more than one rumour (from f21 themselves) that they were planning to open three stores here this spring, which would mean they would be there for summer when you came, although I am not sure this is for definite. The locations from what I remember are Oxford Street, Covent Garden and Kensington but i'll let you know nearer the time if they are built!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Ruth loves said...

yaaaaaay your blogging again :)
still snowing?! xxx

Hannah ♥ said...

awww this photo is adorable! you're so pretty



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment.
Sorry to rub it in, but today has been sunny and warm for a change. I could remove my coat and be pleasantly warm.

LRa's said...


BANMS said...

awww!!! you look so adorable in this pic!
thanks for commenting on my blog!! :D x

Emmekay said...

love mk style, i've got a similar one...
nice blog and pics!
really like your outfits, and if you want, visit me too sometimes..

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Hold on spring is coming.

Nishant said...

have a nice weekend!
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Wendy Ayche said...

Omg you’re so cute!!
Much love,